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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Security Systems

Probe Industries, Inc.
San Francisco Bay Region, Northern CA

Probe Industries serves the security needs of customers nationwide; providing security and safety hardware products solutions for cities, businesses, communities, residences, manufacturing facilities, commercial factories of all types, government agencies, parks and recreation centers, schools, colleges, and vehicle systems for cars, trucks and others. Everything from complete systems, on site and remote location hardware and individual components are available. Probe Industries also offers, design, consulting and more.

Companies, cities, small businesses, and individuals are looking for answers for all of their security needs. Probe Industries is here to provide the details; hardware and software products and security solutions for you. Protect yourself and your business from theft and vandalism; provide an extra level of safety and security protection with monitoring systems at community and public pools, skate parks, basketball courts, sports centers, parking lots, indoor and outdoor areas and private residences are to name a few.

Cities need to protect themselves from the threat of safety lawsuits with monitoring systems in key public places. These systems can be custom designed from the ground up, with each client's special safety needs and conditions taken into account.

Businesses need to think through the long term protection requirements for themselves and their employees. Times are tough and it is better to be safe than sorry in the corporate or small business world. Consider what the consequences would be from not having a proper safety monitoring program in place. Could your business survive a safety lawsuit?

Private residences are in need more than ever for effective monitoring and recording capabilities to protect themselves and their property. No matter whether you are located in the city or in the country, have a home location with many neighbors, or have a vacation rental with only a few neighbors, or a mountain top retreat with no one around, it is always wise to be on guard today with on site and remote monitoring and security solutions for your family, friends and property.

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